Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sweet in the City



(urban planet peach layered tank, h&m cardigan, value village green skirt and zara shooties)

Today was the last day of my rubbish food intake that lasted for about a month!  We had a bon voyage luncheon for our co-worker today as she is moving to NYC (soo jealous), and guess what was on the menu - pizza, soda and strawberry chocolate-mouse cake for dessert... can you please say YUMMY!  It was very yummy, but I knew afterward that I would have to pay for it so after contemplating on whether I felt like going to the gym to work off the junk (I do this a lot with myself, lol), I finally went to the gym!  Hooray to me!!!
I am also starting my detox tonight so let's see how long I can maintain this torture, LOL!
Wish me luck!!! :D

So continuing with my Spring-themed outfits, I thought the combination of these colours worked really well.  By the way, I got this beautiful green skirt from where else, Value Village for $6!  The colour really pops when paired with very soft and sweet colours such as my peach tank and off-white cardigan.


  1. these past 2 days have been so nice outside and your outfit truly reflects the spring weather! i love the peach top (Urban Planet?? get out!!) and that knotted necklace is so divine :)


  2. This look is absolutely pleasant and classy and it was executed very well. Who would have thought that a combination of pastels would do so well with a hard black statement shoe?

    Great look of the day post.

    On another note, best of wishes on your detox (although I may be far too late). I've heard that detoxing and eating healthy is a change you can feel. I haven't gotten there yet, but I plan on doing a "junk food fast" for the summer..

    Anywho, best of wishes with that.

    And thanks for a splendid new blog to add to my roll. =)

    Kimberly M.