Friday, June 26, 2009

Hokie Pokie at John's

forever XXI club monaco bcbg ray ban
I was scheduled to have dinner at my friend's new place today, but our plan fell through so, I did not want to waste a perfectly good Friday with hot weather and decided to meet up with my friend RV. We met at the Starbucks at Queen and John which is one of the prime spots for celebrity sighting as it is in front of the Much Music studio and CTV headquarters. After, we decided to head to Montanas at John St. for a pint and had great conversations about pursuing one's passion in life, which was a very motivational talk and we both needed it. We then headed to Milestones across the street and met up with two of my good friends for an extended chatter which was always a lot of fun. We left at arounnd 9:30, strolled for a bit then I suddenly had a craving for some viet bun so we stopped by Ginger to grab some viet bun and avocado shake (my favourite). I wanted to stay out later, but I got tired and decided to go home, get rest and wake-up bright and early on Saturday and explore some Yorkville shops :D I will be back tomorrow and update you with my findings!
RV, thanks for being such a great friend, and an excellent photographer!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Derek Lam for Fall '09

This Fall, the Derek Lam collection has showcased a series of simple pieces that incorporate the feel of Fall with greys, silver, black and tan. I am a big fan of these types of ready-to-wear clothes especially as I work at a law firm and, luckily, our attire is not restricted to the professional collared-shirt, pencil skirt and suits ensemble. I find it quite challenging to express my personal style due to my profession, but the inspiration from this collection reassures me that this Fall, I will have fun in putting together my outfits to the office daily, with simplicity and style.
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The view from the Woo windows.

The pink bar ;)

I discovered Woo buffet restaurant when I invited a friend of mine to have dinner and a movie by the AMC theatres in Yonge and Dundas. Everytime I would go in the theatres, I would pass by the reception area of Woo and wonder what kind of restaurant it is and thank goodness my curiosity led me to this chic buffet restaurant. Woo has a great ambience and great food. It serves mostly Asian dishes, however, it is delicious and if you get to sit by the huge windows, the view of Dundas Square is fantastic. Unlike buffet restaurants such as Mandarin, Woo is a step-up from the rowdy and crowded atmosphere of Mandarin. Go check it out when you are downtown and feel like eating great food endlessly and be with great company.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yonge St.

forever XXI top h&m skirt blue notes belt lv damier canvass
Over at my lunchtime, I went for a stroll at Yonge and Dundas which is just a 2-minute walk from my work. This intersection is filled with high street shops such as Urban Outfitters, Buffalo, Aldo, Guess, H&M and of course, Forever XXI. As you can see, Forever XXI has reinvented their plastic bag colour to pretty in pink - much better than the yellow one I think. Oh and by the way, did you know that Forever XXI has John 3:16 printed at the bottom of their bags? If not, check it out - something to think about ;) Anyway, I bought a pair of black leggings for $5, a knitted vest and another man's vest for $11. This is why I love Forever XXI, great clothes at a great price.

So, after some reconsideration as to a theme for my blog, I finally decided to do a blog about the beautiful City of Toronto. I have lived in Toronto for 2 years now and just recently realized how entertaining and beautiful this City is. Cheers to you Toronto!!!