Monday, January 4, 2010

Alter Ego


top, bow head band, rings and bracelets from forever 21


My boyfriend asked me the other day "when you were younger, did you play dress-up a lot?"  I responded "never - I was a complete tomboy, always challenging and beating up boys."  He said "well I guess you are compensating for it now huh?"

I guess so!  But truth be told, I was really a tomboy.  I grew up in one of the most ghetto part of Manila and every kid knew I was a tough girl and I was very proud to be one.  Everytime I find out some boy had a crush on me, that boy knew to never show his face to me, let alone come near me.  I loved to challenge boys at anything - mostly sports, so I could show them that I can do anything they can.  I never played dress-up and although growing up I had an act for putting together my outfits to school when I was in grade school, I didn't think that I'd be into this fashion thing or whatever you wanna call it.  All I know is I am still and always will be a tomboy at heart who grew to love clothes and high high heels.  Try pissing me off when I'm in my 5" platforms ;p


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