Monday, May 31, 2010

Where Have You Been Woman?!?!?!


HIII GUYS!!!  I know, I know I have not blogged in over 2 months (terrible), but I have just been focused on so many other things that although I am a great multi-tasker, I believe that in order to be the best in something and get outstanding results, you need to focus on that one thing and one thing alone until you have achieved what you have set out to do.  Having said that, I have been on a serious cleanse and workout routine these past couple of months (exhausted, but very pleased with the results).  So I slacked on the blogging, because, #1, after work I go straight to the gym and do not have time to take photos, and #2, money has been spent on holidays to Miami and Trinidad & Tobago (photos are to be uploaded very soon).

So now that you are updated,  I have also decided to make a change with respect to my blog.  I have decided to make this a general lifestyle blog as opposed to solely fashion.  I think that deviating from the "fashion" category gives me more freedom to simply post whatever I feel like, my love, my interests, my hobbies, my journeys and just everything that makes me smile and happy that I would love to share with everyone.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion, but just don't be surprised when you pics of my painted toe nails or pics of me in a grumpy mood, lol - of which are all unrelated to fashion.  So I hope that you still keep in-tuned with this new approach and I THANK YOU very much for continuing to check out my blog - no matter how much it lacks substance :)

See ya later! xo

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